Top Yacht Charter Locations

Yacht charter is a great opportunity to see the most beautiful places in different parts of the world, and the journey on a yacht itself guarantees comfort, safety, a certain degree of isolation from civilization, a series of constantly changing colorful landscapes and freedom.

Therefore, yacht rental is always in demand in various regions of the world. Below are a dozen of the best destinations for yacht charter , where there is everything for a paradise holiday: ample opportunities to choose a yacht for rent, the most favorable weather conditions and many interesting places that you should definitely admire.

French Antilles

This archipelago, which includes island states, most of which belonged to France , is one of the best yachting destinations in the Caribbean. A visit to this Caribbean paradise is considered a classic of Caribbean travel. 

Yacht charter in the French Antilles

Here you can find the most stunning beaches with white sand and there are many secluded bays where you can easily anchorand plunge into the fascinating world of entertainment, ranging from standard options for hanging out on the water (swimming, diving , snorkeling, fishing ) and ending with a lot of variations about rest on the beach.

Yachting in the French Antilles

Traveling on a yacht in this Caribbean region, you can visit many authentic fishing villages. Going ashore, you can go for a walk through the tropical jungle, practice your climbing skills, conquer local rocks, and even take a dip in the hot springs. The natural beauty of these places is combined with the safest conditions for traveling across the expanses of the French West Indies, which is quite isolated from the whole world, which allows you to admire the unique places that have retained their original natural charm.


“The Land of Smiles” possesses a fairly good yacht industry and infrastructure both for Southeast Asia. In addition, there are many interesting regions for traveling on a yacht – in particular, Phuket, Krabi, Phang Nga Bay , Phi Phi and Similan Islands. A lot of luxury yachts are available for yacht charter in Thailand, including  superyachts .

Sailing in Thailand

Travel to the Andaman Sea Islands is the main route for yachting in Thailand . Permanent strong breezes create all the conditions for an exciting leisurely journey under sail. Find an excellent anchorage in the open spaces of this country is not particularly difficult.

Yacht charter in Thailand

But we should not forget about the numerous coral reefs for which you can catch. In order to avoid damage to the reefs of a rented yacht and a considerable fine for the violation of the ecosystem of the region on the territory of the country’s marine reserves, be extremely careful when navigating through the expanses of water in Thailand .

That is why yacht charter is not recommended for beginner yachts here, and even experienced yachtsmen traveling for the first time in this country are advised to rent a yacht with a local skipper.


The Bahamas is another popular destination for yachting in the Caribbean. There are all the conditions to take in a charter a suitable yacht with a small draft, which will provide an opportunity to visit many secluded bays with picturesque beaches. Finding the right marina for parking here is also quite easy, it’s not for nothing that the Bahamas are considered the “nest of megayachts”. In the travel route you should definitely include Nassau and Ekzuma.

Yacht Charter in the Bahamas

Weather conditions for yacht charter in the Bahamas are also pleasantly pleasing. The coldest period (below + 23 ° C) falls in February, and the average temperature is around + 30 ° C, but the heat is not strongly felt due to the constantly blowing trade winds. The presence of many islands, on which people rarely walked, allows you to feel yourself in the role of a real pioneer in yachting in the Bahamas.


Located in the heart of the Mediterranean, Italy is ideal for yachting, which will allow you to admire many picturesque landscapes and landscapes inaccessible from land, to get in touch with the rich cultural heritage of this country and to get a lot of vivid emotions from a wide selection of water activities available here . Traveling on a yacht will plunge into the colorful atmosphere of this country.

Yacht charter in Italy

The yacht charter is perfectly developed here, and the conditions for yachting are suitable even for beginners, but without a license to manage the yacht rental is not available. The yacht season is year-round, and Capri , Sardinia, Portofino and the Tuscan Archipelago are among the best places to travel across the expanses of water in Italy .

Balearic Islands

No less common Mediterranean destinations are the Spanish Balearic Islands , the capital of which – Palma de Mallorca is considered to be a real sailing center in Europe. This is one of the best destinations for sailing yachts, because here the most stable winds blow in the whole Mediterranean. 

Yacht charter in the Balearic Islands

The moderate Mediterranean climate and the prevailing number of sunny days throughout the year, combined with a variety of luxury resorts, beautifully equipped and no less picturesque wild beaches and plenty of opportunities for fun and relaxation both on water and on land – all this adds to the attractiveness of these Spanish islands . Here are just newcomers yachtsmen still not recommended to rent a yacht in this region.


In addition to being one of the most picturesque regions in the world, Fiji Islands are also considered the safest destination for a yacht charter. The indigenous people of this island nation in the South Pacific are renowned for their friendliness and hospitality. 

Fiji Yacht Charter

Like the rest of the southern part of the Pacific region, Fiji falls into the typhoon zone, but for most of the year, great weather reigns here, suitable for sailing safely on a yacht. Investments in the development of infrastructure of the Fiji Islands are well marked by the presence of many luxury resorts and beautiful modern marinas, providing the possibility of the location of even overall superyachts .


Croatia is one of the most popular destinations for yacht charter, not so long ago. It is difficult to compete with other more attractive countries of the Mediterranean, but in spite of this, Croatia is in demand among yachtsmen as a rather budgetary area with many interesting places.

Yacht Charter in Croatia

Dubrovnik, Korcula, Split, Šibenik are among the most popular ports of this country, although there are many other equally attractive cities and picturesque villages along the coastal line of Croatia. Hospitable locals, excellent conditions for a boring pastime, a vibrant nightlife, favorable summer weather conditions and generally a safe stop for recreation – all this makes Croatia a popular destination for yacht charter abroad .

New Zealand

This island country is famous for the best conditions for sailing yachts. The many interesting places and impressive natural sights, combined with relative isolation from the world and safety for traveling across the water, make this destination popular for yacht charter.

New Zealand Yacht Charter

The inland waters of New Zealand are also noteworthy . Lake Taupo , Milford Sound Fjord , Queenstown on the shores of Lake Wakatipu – all these places should certainly be included in the itinerary of a trip to this island country, which has a decent infrastructure that allows you to provide maintenance and parking of superyachts.


Anyone who has had the opportunity to visit Monaco for at least a few days knows perfectly well that this principality is not limited to Formula 1 races and superyachts of the richest and most famous personalities from around the world. Yacht charter in Monaco is a great opportunity to explore the most attractive resorts of the French Riviera. 

Yacht Charter in Monaco

Safety in this country is always at a high level, infrastructure is of the highest class (here is located the most luxurious marina for superyacht parking in the Mediterranean), and the weather is pleasantly pleasant by the mild Mediterranean climate. In combination with a rich cultural program and numerous entertainments (it’s definitely not a question how to diversify your leisure time) Monaco is just perfect for an exclusive yacht charter.

British Virgin Islands

The Caribs are leading in the number of the most attractive countries for yachting and yacht charter. The British Virgin Islands are also among the most popular and relatively safe destinations for yacht charter.

Yacht charter in the British Virgin Islands

Impressive beaches , picturesque bays and a great climate, combined with a well-developed infrastructure and a good geographical location near the Drake Strait, considered one of the safest for navigation, confidently support the popularity of these Caribbean islands.

Sailing in the British Virgin Islands

Tortola, Peter Island, Vergine-Gorda – only a few of the most popular places of interest of this island country in the waters of the Caribbean. Outside the typhoon season, the weather here is just great for traveling on a yacht.

Yacht Charter in the British Virgin Islands

Rent a yacht here can be both professionals and amateurs – the good conditions are ideal for yachtsmen of any level. That’s only if you want to rent a yacht to participate in the traditional three-day Spring Regatta , then you should take care of this in advance.

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