What yacht to rent in America

e decided to rent a yacht, do not yawn – in America, the demand for charter is high enough, and it may happen that more efficient partners will lead the desired boat.

Before renting a yacht, decide how many people you plan to call on board. If the number of guests exceeds 25, then you need a banquet boat, and not a yacht, and it means that you are at the wrong address. The maximum number of guests per boat is 20-25 people, not counting the permanent crew. Expect that the yachts do not give up for a couple of hours – or rather, they give up, but you still have to pay 5 or 10.

If you know exactly what you need a yacht for ( wedding , date, birthday or just a weekend on the water ), then go ahead and choose which one you like.

Motor yacht “New Star”

 Price: € 15,000 / day (fuel costs not included)

Guests on board: up to 12 people

Yacht “New Star”

Novaya Zvezda is the largest yacht available for rent in Moscow. The dark blue case gives it a special generosity. The yacht has four cabins for eight guests, two spacious saloons, a large upper deck for sunbathing, there is even a full sauna.

Renting a “new star” is not so simple. Firstly, due to the high demand for it, and, secondly, due to the fact that it is actively used by the owner. However, “not so simple” does not mean “impossible”. Contact us and we will do our best to organize your holiday on this luxury boat.

Timmerman 32m

Price: € 12,000 / day (fuel costs not included)

Guests on board: up to 20 people

Yacht Timmerman 32m

The motor yacht Timmerman 32m is an elegant, modern and comfortable motor yacht with noble origins and rich history. Built in 2003 at the Timmerman Yachts shipyard  in Moscow, it became the first luxury motor yacht made in Russia. The project of the yacht was developed by designer Guido de Groot and naval architect Yaron Ginton ( Holland ) . The yacht was used for representational purposes and recreation of the most senior officials.

Despite its 10 years of age, the boat is in perfect condition, as it is maintained by a highly professional team and undergoes redecoration every winter at the shipyard Timmerman Yachts.

Motor yacht “Petropavlovsk”

Price: 500$. / hour

Guests on board: up to 9 people

Yacht "Petropavlovsk"

Modern Russian-made motor yacht, equipped with the latest technology. Strong and reliable, it is designed for long trips with maximum comfort for passengers.

For lovers of extreme sports there is a jet ski, wakeboard, water skiing, buns and windsurfing on board. Another feature of the yacht is the Jacuzzi on the upper deck. The yacht is managed by a professional team of 3 people.

Motor yacht “Aelita”

Price: € 9,875 / day

Guests on board: up to 10 people

Yacht "Aelita"

“Aelita” – expeditionary yacht for a family holiday. High efficiency and autonomy – the main advantages of the vessel. The fuel supply is 4 tons – the driving range is 1200 km.

The ship is distinguished by the coloring of European quality and the interior, performed in the best traditions of cabinetmakers. Leather upholstered furniture from Baxter. The teak deck and teak exterior furniture is a tribute to the yachting tradition.

The values ​​of the project include the thoroughness of development and the abundance of technical innovations. 
The yacht is equipped with the most modern equipment and technical means, has a multi-layer sound and vibration insulation, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Motor yacht “Joy”

Price: 500$ / hour, 5000$ / day 

Guests on board: up to 12 people

Yacht "Joy"

“Joy” is a comfortable river yacht with a hull styled as the steamboats of the nineteenth century and an exclusive interior that meets all the characteristics of a reliable vessel for long-distance crossings.

Motor yacht “Markiza”

Price: 400$ / hour, 4500$. / day 

Guests on board: up to 12 people

Yacht "Marquis"

A large, luxurious, solid vessel, one of the best in Moscow in terms of price / quality ratio. In fact, this is a small superyacht. The interiors are trimmed with cherry wood and light skin. Upstairs a spacious lounge and dining area in the bow. Below 4 cabins, which makes it possible for long trips by a company of 8 people. The guests of the yacht here also have a tender and a jet ski.

Motor yacht “Elegance”

Price: 380$ / hour, 4000$ / day, 9000$ / weekend 

Guests on board: up to 14 people

Yacht "Elegance"

“The best charter yacht of Moscow” according to the jury of the professional yacht award YAHT_Stars, as well as in our personal opinion. This is a comfortable, modern vessel, with excellent interiors and rich equipment. Inside – three spacious cabins and a huge lounge, decorated with leather and wenge wood. Upstairs – a large flybridge with sunbeds, which can fit a football team. A complete set of “toys” on board – jet ski, boards, water skis, “pills” – for outdoor enthusiasts. But the most important thing is the right atmosphere on board, which is created by an excellent crew of the yacht, headed by a positive and charismatic captain Yuri Kushnir .

Motor yacht Fairline 43

Price: 300$ / hour, 3000$ / day

Guests on board: up to 12 people

Yacht Fairline 43

The Fairline Targa 43 is an elegant sports yacht from a British shipyard, the perfect combination of speed and comfort.

On board there is everything for a comfortable rest. In the afternoon, the center of attention will be the swimming platform and sunbeds for sunbathing. In the evening – a cozy living room with a leather sofa and a table, and a bar. Powerful stereo will provide a decent sound party, arranged on a yacht guests. This boat is well maintained and in excellent condition. In this size, the 42-foot “Fata Morgana” is an impeccable combination of price and quality.

Motor yacht “Riviera”

Price: 230$ / hour

Guests on board: up to 8 people

Yacht "Riviera"

Australian-built yacht, well-designed and well built. Differs seaworthiness and high quality finishes. The stereo system on board will not let you get bored, and a retractable awning over the cockpit will save from the sun on hot days. On board there is a small inflatable tender. Ideal for a close company weekend.

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