How to choose the right yacht

Buying your own yacht is a very bright event in life, and everyone has their own path to it. Passion for the sea and adventure is what unites all yacht owners, no matter how long they sail or start a motor.

Buying your own yacht is a very bright event in life, and everyone has their own path to it. Passion for the sea and adventure is what unites all yacht owners, no matter how long they sail or start a motor.

What should be the right boat? Domestic or foreign, sailing or motor – any one requires a special relationship, and each one has its own character.

If you are planning rare sea trips or transatlantic crossings – an ideal yacht should be primarily functional and reliable. In order for the ship to serve for many years, and every departure to the sea was a holiday for you, it is worth taking the choice as seriously as possible. We have prepared answers to basic questions on the choice of the vessel. How to choose the right boat – read our article. 

Exclusive or mass production?

Many people think that the best yacht is the one built on an individual project, taking into account the individual needs and life preferences of its owner. With the use of high technology, a skilled craftsman is able to bring to life any of your ideas about the ideal vessel. If the choice is made in favor of an individual project – choose the shipyard and the master on the recommendations, so you protect yourself from unnecessary risks and frustration. Depending on the requirements for the performance of the vessel, its external data and your financial capabilities, you can consider domestic and foreign manufacturers.

The world leaders in the field of yacht building are recognized as:

· German shipyard Blohm & Voss,

· Italian Benetti and Perini Navi Group,

· Dutch Oceanco, Amels, Feadship and Heesen,

· American Christensen and Trinity Yachts.

If you wish, you can order a yacht and domestic production – it will be several times cheaper, you will not have to overpay for the global brand, as well as pay fees and shipping fees. The advantage is that many Russian manufacturers adapt yachts to the climatic and navigation features of our latitudes. Shipbuilding company from St. Petersburg Morozov Yachts manufactures two-masted and single-masted yachts up to 30 meters long, a company from the Kaliningrad region Ushakovsky Shipyards produces luxury steel displacement yachts up to 20 meters long.

Of course, the yacht, built in a single copy, reflects fully both the character and the life aspirations of its owner. Anyway, the fact that your vessel was built according to an individual project does not mean that the voyages will be bright, the sea tender, seven feet under the keel.

What do you need a yacht for?

If there is no time or desire for the implementation of an individual project, you can choose a decent yacht from existing models. So you will save both time and money. However, in this case, it is important to formulate as accurately as possible the requirements that the finished vessel should meet. After all, you need a yacht that you can easily exploit, easily maintain, and after the time has passed – it is profitable to sell.

Choosing a yacht, it is necessary to decide on the scenario of its further operation, its performance and price depend on it. 

For example, the family yacht for navigation in inland waters is usually used for short trips on weekends in calm weather conditions. Best for such purposes fit motor yacht length of 38 feet.

The number of people on board depends on the number of individual cabins and extra beds. If you plan to invite guests to the ship, we recommend that you pay attention to the possibility of organizing additional beds in the cockpit. Often, already in the standard equipment of some models, such a function is provided; if not, there will be a sufficiently transformable dining area.

If you do not plan to steer the vessel yourself, you will need a skipper, and therefore a yacht with space provided for it. On the mid-size motor yachts his cabin with separate access to the deck is located aft

Sailing or motor?

Romance of the sails

Fans of motor sailing yachts do not recognize. It is considered to be that the sails are chosen by the romantics, partly the way it is, because what could be more beautiful than the scarlet sails in the rays of the sunset? In fact, both motor and sailing yachts have their admirers because of the advantages and disadvantages of both designs. For example, many professional yachtsmen prefer sailing yachts, and it’s not just romance: buying or renting a sailing yacht is often cheaper than a motor yacht, due to its increased stability, a sailing boat can cope with the storm and side wind more easily, and less noticeable pitching on board such a ship makes it popular with people suffering from seasickness. Since the sailing yacht has more autonomy, you will be able to make longer transitions without wasting time on entering marinas.

The speed of the sailing ship is, of course, inferior to the motor one, and it also requires more skill and physical strength from the captain – he bends strongly on turns, so the yachtsman always needs to stay in good shape. Just driving a sailboat, you can test yourself to the fullest, feel the elements of wind and water and enjoy the sea to the fullest.

The speed of the sailing ship is, of course, inferior to the motor one, and it also requires more skill and physical strength from the captain – he bends strongly on turns, so the yachtsman always needs to stay in good shape. Just driving a sailboat, you can test yourself to the fullest, feel the elements of wind and water and enjoy the sea to the fullest.

Motor drive

The main advantage of motor yachts is considered to be comfort and the ability to develop high speed. On these yachts more free space, because it is they who are chosen for holding luxury parties. In terms of interior decoration, motor yachts can compete with eminent five-star hotels, they like driving enthusiasts and those who are not hampered by the smell of combustible fuel or the roar of the engine when planing. Despite the fact that the motor yacht is worth more than sailing, it is more economical to operate.

According to statistics, more than 80% of buyers choose motor yachts. This is due primarily to the fact that the management of such a vessel does not require the presence of a large and highly skilled crew or the special physical skills of the captain

When choosing a motor yacht, pay attention to the type of engine: Volvo-Penta (Sweden) and MerCruiser (USA) – the most common, which means their service maintenance is better organized.  

What are the most popular yachts?

Since yachts differ in their functional and aesthetic characteristics, in size and purpose, it is difficult to unambiguously answer the question which of them is the most popular. If you choose a yacht for a family, then depending on its composition, characters and individual characteristics of your loved ones, pay attention to the following types of yachts:

1. Flybridge

Cruise yachts of flybridge and sporting types can be considered as an ideal vessel for family holidays. On a flybridge-type ship, the control post is located on top, it is especially convenient – it is easier to moor and sunbathe in sunny weather. If you need extra space, a flybridge yacht is the best option.

2. Sports

In contrast to the flybridge, sports yachts are not equipped with the upper control post, therefore, with the same length they have a slightly smaller area, but they are more dynamic in management and, as a rule, cheaper. What is more important: drive from driving or additional space on board – you decide, of course. There are sports yachts with a hardtop (sliding hardtop), such models have some advantages: compared to the traditional awning, the hardtop looks more aesthetic, while perfectly protecting against wind and rain. An important option is the presence of aft doors that isolate the cabin, they allow you to maintain a constant comfortable temperature inside.

3. Offsetting

Displacement yachts are economical, with relatively small dimensions have a lot of free space. One caveat – they are not able to develop high speed, so they are suitable for unhurried boat trips and will appeal to people who are calm, who love to enjoy silence and the seascape.

4. Cruise catamaran

Modern motor catamarans look quite cumbersome, but are famous for significant internal spaces. Such two-hulled yachts are very popular, they look spectacular and quite economical. Ideal for family holidays and short sea voyages. 

New or used?

Buying a new snow-white yacht is complete freedom and incomparable pleasure! However, when choosing the first yacht, you can consider the secondary market. First of all, you will save a lot, because you don’t have to carry a new ship across the border to pay all fees and charges. And secondly, you can go on a journey much faster, because you do not have to wait for months to make your new yacht. This is especially true when the season of navigation is in full swing.

If you are an experienced yachtsman and want to get a more advanced model instead of an existing one, many dealers will be ready to offer you a “trade-in”. In this case, contact only reliable dealers, and better – on the recommendations, and be sure to find out all the details of vessel maintenance. Over the past 10 years, the market of secondary yachts in Russia has grown significantly and has become quite civilized, so you can definitely choose the ship that suits you in all respects.

How not to make a mistake when buying?

Choosing a yacht is a matter of responsibility. In anticipation of a cherished purchase, excessive excitement and impatience can lead to annoying mistakes. 


What exactly is not worth doing is hurry. Reckless purchase will bring some frustration. Having bought a yacht, succumbing to emotions, you will not notice its flaws that are obvious with a balanced and reasonable approach. Marketing tricks and a blatant bargain price are not an argument.

2. Lack of financial planning

Buying a yacht, it is erroneous to believe that monetary expenditures will be limited only to its purchase. Like a car, motorcycle and any movable property, the yacht needs constant care, and therefore investments. You just can not do without the cost of repairs and technical inspection – this is at least. But each exit to the sea involves the technical preparation of the vessel and its full equipment. If you do not have an equipped boathouse for storing a yacht, you will need to pay for a guarded parking.

3. Purchase of illiquid

When buying a yacht in the secondary market, it is important to realize all the pros and cons of such an acquisition. A deliberate purchase of a used yacht can indeed be a profitable acquisition, but it happens that unscrupulous dealers under the outside gloss hide serious technical flaws. If you do not identify the defects before the purchase, after a short time they will appear, and this will lead to serious expenses and other troubles. Only a thorough inspection of a used vessel and its technical expertise, coupled with a reputable dealer, can insure you from buying an obviously illiquid and even dangerous vessel.

4. Overpayment

Usually the demand for yachts increases significantly with the beginning of the season of navigation. Of course, this leads to a sharp jump in prices. If the issue of buying a yacht is not urgent for you, wait for the right moment, because towards the end of the season you can buy a yacht at a fair price. A great way to save money without compromising is buying a ship during specialized exhibitions, fairs and boat shows, when manufacturers offer promotions and discounts.

The threat of overpayments exists not only at the height of the season. It happens that for the sake of ambition and inexperience, novice yachtsmen choose a fashion brand to the detriment of the actual characteristics of the vessel and personal needs. Such mistakes are costly: a fashionable yacht does not always correspond to the real needs of the owner, and unexpectedly expensive spare parts to it often make its operation completely inappropriate.

If you are fully aware of what kind of vessel you need and for what purposes – with all the variety of offers, you will make the right choice and never regret it.

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