How to take a yacht to charter?

For Europeans, yachting has long been a mass type of active tourism, quite affordable for the middle class. In Russia, it is still associated with elite rest.

In the yacht charter, indeed, there is a luxury segment, designed for very wealthy people who can put € 300-400 thousand per week on board a hundred-meter vessel. But there is a huge budget charter market. And a lot of intermediate options.In our club you can rent a sailing yacht for every taste, choosing the right option among 8000 offers in the best regions for yachting.

The most economical option: renting a medium-sized sailboat (9-15 meters) without crew – bareboat charter (from € 3000 per week). Among the tenants must be a person who has an international certificate for the right to manage the yacht. Otherwise you will have to take a professional skipper (€ 100-150 per day). A crew charter (crew charter) is offered on yachts from 20 meters, both sailing and motor.

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The advantages of sailboats include unlimited cruising range, the absence of engine noise and the smell of exhaust gases. Navigation will have to do independently. For many, it’s romance.

“On large motor yachts it is much more comfortable, but we are bored there,” said Ellen Verbeek, chief editor of special projects for the Independent Media publishing house. “Our family loved sailing trips so much that we bought our own yacht, although it would be more rational to rent it.”

Rent a motor yacht will cost about € 10,000 for a small 15-meter ship. A 20-meter yacht will cost € 20,000 already. And so on to infinity. Exact prices depend on the novelty of the boat, season, brand, etc.

If sailing boats, by definition, involve an active pastime, then motorboats are pure rest. They are more capacious and high-speed, and the speed of movement on such a yacht does not depend on the vagaries of the weather. True, the route is always tied to the refueling points.

Passengers of the motor yacht do not participate in navigation. The level of comfort on board is often comparable to a luxury hotel, because the number of guests on super and megayachts (from 30 meters) almost never exceeds 10-15 people. The number of crew and attendants is not limited.

The specification of the yacht usually indicates the optimal number of beds. It is better to always adhere to this recommendation. Companies of 10-12 people are better off renting two yachts that are smaller than one larger, if only because parking fees are directly dependent on the size of the yacht. Plus between two yachts there is always an element of competition.

Whichever option you choose, it is better to entrust the organization of the charter to a broker who focuses on the market and will be able not only to choose the most suitable boat for you, but also to optimize costs.

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“Many people choose a yacht according to the interior, but they forget about the team,” said Vilena Pavlova, an official representative of Burgess broker in Russia, to Kommersant’s correspondent. “Although the team is the key to success of any charter. all questions that may arise during the voyage. “

The broker will help in the selection and planning of the route and will take care of the issuance of visas and insurance, booking of air tickets, transfer from the airport, payment of fuel for refueling, selection of the team, purchase of provisions. At first glance, such intermediary services may seem superfluous, but it is not.

A good broker thoroughly knows the yachts that he offers for charter. It happens, for example, that on quite motor-looking motor vessels, due to incorrectly calculated ventilation, smells from the kitchen penetrate into guest cabins – and this will become clear already in the open sea. Without the help of a broker, you will never find free parking spaces: in the season, marinas are packed to capacity.

Only numbers

If you rent a yacht in advance, many owners are ready to discuss a 5% discount. Another 5% can be negotiated when renting a yacht for a period of two weeks or more. The bonus of an additional 5% is sometimes granted when you re-rent a yacht. But the total amount of discounts almost never exceeds 15%.

In the arsenal of the company Burgess – exclusively luxurious yachts from 35 meters, the cost of which is rarely below € 100,000 per week. Besides Burgess, famous brokers are Frases, Edmiston, Camper & Nicholsons and Ocean Independence. Yacht dealers can also help with the charter, which can be contacted if you need to rent a boat of a specific brand.

It is important that the broker is a member of the MYBA, the Mediterranean Association of Yacht Brokers. The association provides membership to proven and experienced yacht brokers only.

“It’s not so easy to join MYBA, there are quite high demands on companies,” Yevgeny Kochman, CEO of Nordmarine and managing partner of Imperial, specializing in yacht management, told Kommersant, “therefore, when you rent on MYBA terms and only MYBA members don’t threatens loss of money, poor service, the risk of dealing with low-level crews and the like. “

But when working with brokers you need to follow certain rules. “It is best to order a charter at the beginning of the year,” advises Vilena Pavlova. “Only in this way can you choose the right boat for the peak period in July-August. Last year there was a slight drop in the market, but now it is active again.”

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Low-cost charter companies, as in the premium segment, “sell” the fleet long before the start of the season, and the only chance for those who have realized it late is last minute booking (last minute rent), which is announced two to three weeks before the start. charter season. Often, a 15% discount is offered, but this indicates a problem with the yacht. Because if a good ship is suddenly released, there will be a demand for it, and there is no point in lowering the price.

The yacht is considered reserved after signing the contract and making an advance payment (50% of the charter price). One month before the start of the cruise, you need to pay the remaining 50% and make a deposit to cover current expenses during the charter – Advanced Provisioning Allowance (APA), which is 30% of the charter price. “Of this money, services not covered by the contract are paid for, for example, operational expenses for organizing fishing, coastal transport, excursions, Kochman explains.” The captain of the yacht manages the amount, he provides a full report and returns unspent funds at the end of the charter. “

After choosing a yacht and signing a contract, the main work of a broker on organizing leisure activities for guests on board begins. A few weeks before departure, the client is asked to fill out a detailed questionnaire, where he describes the preferences and wishes of all participants in the trip. In accordance with the questionnaire, a route is drawn up, a recreation program, whether it is visiting the vineyards, fishing or diving, restaurants are booked and other minor details are taken into account, which make the trip unforgettable.

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Last, but extremely important detail: the crew is always taken to encourage tips. Monetary encouragement is given to the team at the discretion of the client, although it is customary to increase the remuneration if the guests on board enjoyed a polite and attentive service. Tipping teams usually account for about 10% of the rental price, but this amount can vary both up and down, depending on the level of service.

Comments on the article

As a professional yachtsman, I read with great interest the article by Victoria Struts “Single Sailing” .. The topic, in my opinion, is of interest to readers and our site and Kommersant. Indeed, traditional tourism, which has long exploited the need, and even the thirst of Russians to explore our planet after the fall of the “iron curtain” has been mastered by the consumer, we, and now have to retrain and work in an almost established market. Whereas active types of recreation, such as diving, alpine skiing and leisure on yachts only opens to the general consumer.

In general, I am grateful to the author for an accurate and objective description of the established technology of placing an order, the price level in this market and some nuances of this rest, however, let me add to the topic touched upon and provide some comments.

According to my observations, the greatest surprise of those who first come across rest on yachts is a huge range of prices. Strangely enough, rest on yachts or as many say “yachting”, which, by the way, as it was, and will remain an elite type of entertainment, is surprisingly democratic. You can not limit your imagination and spend almost any amount on this holiday. On the other hand, you can join the world yacht elite, spending the rest on funds that are quite comparable even with a budget hotel rest.

Indeed, a small 12 meter yacht (by no means 9 meters! This is very Spartan and not for beginners!) Designed to accommodate 4 6 people, you can be booked for 1600 – 2000 euros per week. For one person from a company or a family of vacationers, even taking into account the cost of fuel and parking in ports, the cost of such a vacation can be 250 – 400 euros per week! Of course. this family or company should be able, as Victoria correctly states, to operate a ship in international waters. And there should be at least two such qualified people on board! Captain and sailor.

Let me inform the reader about the cost of preparing such a “home” captain and his sailor .. Based on the experience of our school, I can say that on average, provided that if the future captain has a sufficient level of education, then he will learn how to manage a yacht up to 15 2 to 4 months of theoretical studies and 2-3 weeks of practice at sea go from the ground up. It will take 130,000-150,000 rubles, taking into account flights, food and visas. A sailor can be prepared twice as fast and twice as cheap.

Having spent this time and money once, you can enjoy the romance of the sail, the whole family, in any country and on the route you have planned! This kind of entertainment is associated with yachts and is most popular in the world. It is along this path that the main Western consumer goes, however, like our nascent, so to say, “mass” yachtsman.

A few additions about motor yacht charter.

Firstly, for a potential consumer, when concluding a lease agreement for a boat, it is important to clarify the issue of fuel. Inattentive consideration of this issue can increase the cost of rest in half or more! Motor yachts provide, as a rule, two options for drawing up a contract: either without fuel or with the provision of a certain amount of fuel. Specify, in this case, for how many hours you have enough of this fuel. In general, be interested in everything! The captain or representative of the brokerage company is usually the highest level professionals and often for ethical reasons can not focus your attention on the possible costs! After all, you are on vacation, and spending money is also great entertainment! They have no right to limit you!

sailing in the sea

Secondly, and here we disagree with the author of the article, motor yachts, besides attachment to refueling points, are much less nautical than sailing! Accordingly, they are more dependent on the weather. Plan small transitions, ask for recommendations on the route from the broker and always consult with the captain on the spot! For comparison: The standard charter contract for a sailing yacht provides an opportunity for the “home” captain to go to sea with an excitement of up to 6 points, whereas for motor yachts I would not recommend trying my luck with 3 points (wave height 1 meter) even with a professional team.

And thirdly. Despite. that rest on motor yachts seems boring to many (including me), you can always activate it, you can go fishing, ride a jet ski, dive. Finally, ask the captain to teach you how to operate the vessel, learn navigation instruments, and yacht systems. Who knows, maybe you will like it more than the pleasure of contemplating the seascapes and on your next vacation you will learn in the yacht school and take your favorite boat without a crew! So here I can not fully support the author. You can participate in navigation, as a rule, the team always welcomes this!

fishing on a yacht

Some additions to the figures given in the article

1. When signing a rental contract for a yacht, please note that an advance payment of 30-50% of the charter price is usually a non-refundable amount, in any case, if you cancel the rent for 30-40 days. This money you are likely to lose. Russian consumption laws are significantly different from many foreign ones, and you need to get used to it. In our country, if you have not used the service, then you are not obliged to pay for it, according to European legislation, there are other rules on this matter. Responsibility of the customer (your) is much higher. You can eliminate the risk of losing prepayment if you insure this deposit. For example, if you refuse the service due to illness, non-issuance of visas, etc. If the broker is qualified, then he will offer you such insurance.

2. In most cases, the rental of yachts you will be required to make a deposit. This amount is different for different ships. In the most budgetary case, that is, for the mentioned 12 meter mass yacht, the deposit will be 1200 – 1600 euros. For a large yacht and a large deposit, even if you rent a yacht with a crew. The deposit may be lost due to violations of the rules for operating the systems and equipment of the yacht. Located, for example, if in your cabin. Loss of the deposit can also be insured. 
There are yachts where the deposit may be irrevocable. In this case, for the smallest yacht it will be 100 – 150 euros, and even if you drown the boat, you will not spend anything more.

And in conclusion. On the essence of the rest on yachts. The vast majority of outside observers perceive the yacht as a comfortable means of transportation. This is a massive misconception. If yachts, both sailing and motor, are viewed as a means of transportation, I would describe these types of travel as the most expensive and uncomfortable. There are plenty of other means of moving into the sea with greater comfort and much cheaper.

yachts in the marina

A yacht is a means. intended for recreation (tourism) or sports. Use the yacht for its intended purpose! 
Motor yachts are a great way to move from cove to cove for fidget. For those who can not afford the dependence of the course of their movement from the direction of the wind. For those who enjoy speed and splashes in a limited and small time, Yes, and those who care about their pampered households, a boat is a great opportunity to combine active and passive rest.

Sailing yachts are designed for a completely new, virtually exclusive form of recreation. Sailing yacht is a means of entertainment for teams. Sailing a yacht is practically very difficult to manage alone. This is team, collective entertainment. Renting such a yacht, you find yourself in the deep romantic past of mankind – in the command of a sailboat. This type of outdoor activities are more suitable for those who are able and love to get along with the elements, who love communication in their team, tend to teamwork. And in this case, it seems to me rather doubtful recommendation to hire a professional skipper. After all, you do not hire a professional tennis player for yourself when you go to play tennis!

To date, rest on sailing yachts is a transformed dangerous in the past, military, transport voyages, the pursuit of pirates in safe travel and racing today. This is a huge world of active recreation, which, in my opinion, is about to break into our reality. On sailing yachts you can travel and make small geographical discoveries, you can improve in the skill of managing a yacht in regattas. And in the world there is a huge number of regattas for both beginners and graduate professionals alike. Sailing is the most influential people on the planet. These include, for example, the King of Spain, Juan Carlos.

In conclusion, I want to note that the rest on yachts has the richest history of entertainment on the planet. Suffice it to say that of the current sports competitions, the oldest of the existing competitions is the sailing regatta! The regatta has a history greater than the modern olympic games. From 1852 to our times continuously, in spite of everything, the America’s Cup was held. It was established by the Queen of Great Britain Victoria in honor of the victory of the American yacht “America

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