Yacht charter abroad

Yacht charter abroad is the possibility of sea travel anywhere in the world without having your own yacht plus the freedom to choose the region of travel, route and duration of transitions. The main thing is to approach the organizational issues correctly and take into account all the features of the yacht charter abroad.

Identify the region and explore the possibilities of the yacht charter there

First of all, it is important to determine the place of travel and find out if there are charter companies in which you can provide a yacht for travel. It is worth collecting as much useful information as possible about the presence of charter companies in the region of interest to you, their number and what kind of yachts they charter. If the region is underdeveloped, chances are high to get to the charter an unsuitable yacht for exploitation. The question of exploring a place for a yacht charter abroad is to do 2-3 months before you are ready to make such a trip.

Safety comes first when choosing a region

When choosing a swimming region, it is important to optimally assess your capabilities and level of training and select the safest region that is most suitable for the conditions. Also consider the conditions of the season of navigation in the region, so that they also meet the safety criteria. When choosing a region for yacht charter abroad , you should focus not only on your own training, but also on the preparation of your companions. It is customary to focus on the least prepared member of the team, choosing the region most suitable for navigation.

Determining the route and choosing the right yacht

It is important to determine the route of travel, since the choice of a suitable yacht largely depends on this. There is the following classification of yachts, which should be guided when choosing, taking into account the desired route: 

1) the length of the yacht is up to 10 m – the best option for day trips and short routes; 

2) the length of the yacht 10-18 m – a comfortable option for long journeys; 

3) the length of the yacht from 18 to 24 m – increased comfort and the need for a full-fledged team to manage; 

4) the length of the yacht from 24 m – elite luxury; charter of such a yacht exclusively for relaxing in luxurious conditions when the yacht is managed by a qualified crew. 

It is also worth deciding whether you will rent a motor or sailing yacht.. The advantages of choosing a motor yacht charter are travel speed and independence from wind conditions, and minus is a significant increase in costs (in particular, for fuel). Plus the choice of a sailing yacht charter is a pleasant unhurried sailing trip and comparative cheap rent compared to a motor yacht, and a minus – dependence on wind conditions.

Choosing the best season for the yacht charter

The low season most often includes April-May and the end of October-November, and the high season is the period from the beginning of the summer to the end of October. You should not focus on the yacht charter in the highest season. First, it is the complexity of the lease. Secondly, which is even more inconvenient, there will be many difficulties to find free space for parking in marines. This moment is particularly relevant for yacht charter in regions such as Croatia, Cote d’Azur and the coast of Italy. The peak season is July-August. At this time, the maximum prices for yacht charter. In addition, in the high season it is almost impossible to hire a yacht for several days. The standard rental period is a week (from Saturday to Saturday). Therefore, choosing a yacht charter abroad in the low season, you can save a lot.

Selection of type of yacht charter abroad

1) Bareboat Сharter – rent a yacht without crew , under his full responsibility. Such a charter requires possession of skipper’s rights – internationally recognized certificates and is ideal for those who confidently own the art of yacht management. 

yacht charter without crew

2) Skippered Charter – rent a yacht with a professional skipper . Such a charter presupposes more rest than self-control of the yacht. This is also a great option for beginners who, under the guidance of a real master, will be able to gain experience and improve their yacht management skills, and for those who have little knowledge of the local fleet and are committed to making the journey as safe as possible. 

yacht rental with a professional skipper

3) Crew Charter –crewed yacht rental . Such a charter is an ideal option for an elite holiday or a holiday in the company of friends without self-managing a yacht, because the whole process will be led by a professional team.

crewed yacht rental

Brokerage services – ideal for beginners

If you are a beginner , then for the first time, when you are going to rent a yacht abroad , it is best to use the services of a specialized brokerage company. Here you will be recommended the best option, and the most optimal route will be offered, and provisions will be delivered to the yacht. The yacht charter abroad is well developed, and the risk of fraud in this area is almost minimal. The main thing – you should not be carried out on unnecessarily cheap offers that conceal the pitfalls. The best option is to focus on average prices.


For a trip on a yacht, it is advisable to purchase insurance for yourself, and taking into account the possibility of emergency evacuation. When choosing an insurance company, you should be oriented so that it has as many offices as possible along the coast from which you will pass.

Advance booking of yacht charter

Yacht charter abroad should be taken care of in advance, especially when it comes to regions and seasons that are in high demand, otherwise there is a chance to be left without an expected trip. Pre- booking a yacht charter abroad in some cases can significantly save. As a rule, charter companies offer significant discounts when booking a yacht for 5-6 months.

Inspection of the yacht and rental contract

The next step will be the signing of a contract for the rental of the selected option yacht and prepayment. It is worth considering that the contract only specifies the dates of the beginning and end of the lease, and you yourself think over the best route in order to get the yacht back in time to the parking lot where you rented it. Before signing a yacht charter contract, it is important to personally conduct a thorough inspection of the yacht that you are going to charter; carefully examine all equipment and check the health of each important element. It is a mistake to assume that if the yacht is new, then this is a guarantee of absolute serviceability.

Top 5 best regions for yacht charter abroad

Turkey is an ideal region for yacht charter by beginners, who in these places can perfectly improve their yacht management skills. Turkish marinas are well equipped, and in every corner you can easily make a small parking, because there are many bays and cozy bays. A long season from April to November is also a significant advantage of a yacht charter in Turkey. 

Yacht charter in Turkey

Greece is considered one of the best for sea travel in Europe. The presence in this country of many different islands allows you to choose routes for every taste: and with a visit to unique attractions, and taking into account the wishes of the duration of transitions – from short to long. 

Yacht charter in Greece

Croatia– Another European center for lovers of exciting sea crossings. Sea ports are located in cities where the elite modern luxury harmoniously coexists with antiquity, and you can admire many historical sites. The yachting season here lasts from May to September, and summer is just the perfect time to go to these maritime spaces on a yacht. 


France is the most developed European region in terms of yachting. There are many marines from the category of elite class. The region is in high demand. Low season in the period from November to April – the best option for savings. 

sailing in france

Italy– in this country of Europe yachting is also developed at a high level. There are a lot of yachts and always a wide selection. Minus – few places in the marinas for guest yachts, since most of the sites are designed for regular customers.

sailing in Italy

Thanks to the yacht charter, yachting can be practiced all year round, occasionally changing only sailing regions.

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