Yacht Charter in the Caribbean Islands

Contrary to the opinion that in winter you can forget about sea travel, the department of yacht rental company Smart Yachts offer you a brief overview of places for lovers of recreation on a yacht, where summer reigns all year round.

It’s about renting a yacht in the Caribbean islands. In the basin of the Caribbean Sea there are many islands of the most diverse in size and origin. It is best to visit the islands of the Caribbean from December to April, since during this period the probability of rain is very low. The average daytime air temperature is +27, water + 25 degrees Celsius. In this article we will try to briefly describe the four islands, not only one of the most interesting, in our opinion, but also available for a visit in one week’s transition on a yacht.

The first is Antigua , the island is part of the Lesser Antilles in the eastern part of the Caribbean.

The steady northeastern trade winds that blow in these places make Antigua one of the most attractive sailing places in the world. There are many regattas, including the famous annual Antigua Raсe Week. The island is also known for its amazing beaches, of which there are 365, one beach for each day of the year.

Due to the abundance of safe harbors and an almost uninterrupted coral reef, which securely closes the island from storms, Admiral Horatio Nelson built the Royal Navy base in the Bay of England in 1784. Nowadays, this place is home to the 26-square-kilometer Nelson Shipyard National Park.

30 miles north of Antigua is completely flat, no more than 5 meters above sea level, the coral island of Barbuda , hundreds of divers from all over the world flock here, attracted by the many remains of destroyed ships resting on its reefs.

Due to the abundance of corals, the beaches of the island have a white and pink hue, and it is not without reason that they are recognized as one of the longest and most beautiful beaches in the world! According to travelers who visited the island – Barbuda is the most beautiful nature of all the Caribbean islands.

Approximately 60 miles to the north-west, or at 3 o’clock on a motor yacht, is the most attractive of the French islands in the Caribbean – Saint Barthélemy, or as it is also called, St. Barts. Once on St. Barts you will plunge into the atmosphere of luxury: luxurious hotels, magnificent villas, the best restaurants of world cuisine, excellent shopping. To get here for the Christmas holidays on a megayacht, you need to book a parking space for three months, as the embankment in the harbor of Gustavia accommodates only 60 yachts up to 200 feet long, and there are much more people willing to be here during the New Year holidays. On St. Barts, world celebrities love to relax and you can easily meet Hollywood stars and famous show business figures. Many multimillionaires, including Roman Abramovich, also acquired real estate here. The cultural life of the island is rich and diverse, and entertainment venues are empty only in the morning. In a word, St. Barts is a Caribbean equivalent of the Cote d’Azur of France.

Further, just 10 miles along the route, St. Martin is located – the smallest part of the land on earth, divided between the two states. The north is French and the south is under the jurisdiction of the Netherlands. The fusion of different cultures, Caribbean colors and European cuisine create a unique atmosphere on the island, which is not found anywhere else. On the Dutch side you will find beach clubs, discos and casinos. On the French side, you can enjoy fine dining and visit the duty free shops with the latest Parisian fashion. On both sides of the island are splendid beaches. The water here is so clear that it allows you to see to a depth of 100 meters.

Idyllic landscapes, Caribbean carnival, rum, turquoise sea, white sand and sun! Those who have visited the Caribbean islands at least once, come back here again and again to enjoy the dream holiday!

The specialists of the department of yacht rental company Smart Yachts will gladly select for you a motor yacht or sailing catamaran with a team and without, of any size on one of the Caribbean islands that meets all your wishes. And they will also compile for you the optimal travel route, give useful advice and answer all your questions!

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